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Our Services

IT Human Capital Empowerment Services

A majority of CIOs cite the difficulty of finding skilled, talented IT professionals – likely the result of high market demand, emerging technology and innovation, such as distributed work in the cloud, aging workforce and Gen Y factors, and an intense regulatory environment. Yes, talent can be hard to find – but not if you know where to look – with a smart workforce acquisition and management system second to none.

Private and public sector organizations alike face unprecedented challenges in an uncertain, turbulent marketplace and economy – fulfilling their strategic agendas while driving out cost. How they manage IT human capital will be a determining factor in how successful they will be.

That’s where we help. Our passion for IT infrastructure optimization is directing us to build one of the largest IT talent base in Nigeria with the aim of empowerment through mentorship. Our initiative is to develop critical skills to ensure our subscribers succeed in every industry sector in which they pursue their IT dreams while also driving their entrepreneurial spirits – We provide a platform to make impossible possible through collaborations and partnerships.

We will manage every aspect of nurturing IT talent to attain full potential using our robust platform which is inherent of collaborations and partnerships with leading IT organisations and professionals driven by best practice.

Professional Services

IT as we know it is being rapidly transformed through innovative, even disruptive new technologies that are forcing organizations to abandon long-held assumptions about how IT supports the enterprise, and at what cost. We help clients see, not only the big picture, but how to leverage ground-breaking technology to improve agility, competitiveness and service delivery at a significantly lower cost of ownership.

ICT is a significant investment, therefore it is vital that you are confident that your systems are carefully selected, implemented and professionally managed. As a trusted advisor, we provide a number of consultancy and project management services to work together to help you achieve greater efficiencies, accessibility, productivity and your overall business objectives.

HumidLinks works side-by-side with you to develop technology-enabled business strategies to improve performance and reduce costs, both now and in the future. And our job doesn’t end with a strategy presentation – we continue to work with you to turn those strategies into reality.

  • Alliance/Affiliate/Partnerships

  • IT Business Audit & Consultancy Services

  • Implementation Services

  • Onsite Services/On-site support and dedicated resources tailored to your needs

  • Technical Consultancy – Consult, design and improve

  • Scalable Network Infrastructure Setup

  • Campus wide Network Setup

  • Hotspot Services

  • Unified Threat management

  • Hotspot user Billing solution

  • Wireless Area Mapping

  • NOC Topological Layout

  • Network Load Balancing and Failover

Managed Services

We offer a range of flexible ITIL driven managed services, from outsourcing a single element of your IT to a full ICT infrastructure outsource. We have a wealth of experience delivering managed services across a wide range of sectors.

As an independent provider we develop technology partnerships to ensure that we deliver the best possible service for our customers. Our managed services are flexible and scalable, designed to meet customer needs and keep pace with change.

The unrelenting pressure to innovate is causing forward-looking managers to rethink and seek new strategies and techniques to gain and retain competitive advantage through increased flexibility, lower costs and decreased time to market.

HumidLinks Managed Services experts will evaluate your needs and capabilities, develop a technology-enabled strategy and provide the talent onsite or offsite to meet your business and financial objectives.

  • Application Support – Microsoft

  • Portal /Application developments

  • Hosting

  • Reduce your print costs with a Managed Print Solution – self managed

  • Managed Print as a service – outsourced service

Outdoor Advertising  - UK

We have partnered with our sister company in the UK (Platinum M3dia London) and we can provide affordable Outdoor Advertising to businesses who are looking to diversify their brand. business and grow new customer base in any part of the UK. 


We understand that every business is different which enables us provide bespoke services unique to your brand. What is important to us is to ensure that, all our clients get the best value irrespective of your business size or budget.

The approach we have taken over time constantly delivers rapid growth within our clients business enabling us to build our reputation within various business sectors. 


On every brief we get, our guarantee to all our clients is to deliver on time and within agreed budget. 


Website & Mobile Apps Development

We know that it's very crucial that any business needs to have a strong online presence. With so many on the go, prospective clients will appreciate your beautifully designed and responsive website that ensures they will be able to stay well informed by visiting your website. All the websites we build are all integrated and has sharing options. We also ensure that your website will be discoverable with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) driven content that speaks directly to your most sought after clients. We ensure that  you will be able to establish a strong online position within your industry by emphasizing on what truly makes you unique.

A business website is the first point of contact with new potential customers, for many brands. Many people will see your website before they actually see your face or your store. All websites aren’t created equal. Some are good, some are the complete opposite, and some look that they’ve been designed by a four year old. So, which one are you?

Whether you’re using a content management system or a website that has been built by a designer who didn’t quite have enough background to come up with the robust design you had in mind, we are here to make sure you right that wrong at an affordable cost.

We have the knowledge and experience to design websites that fulfil their purpose. Every website should have a call to action, for instance;  your call to action might be to get a customer making a call across to you or to submit an enquiry via your contact form. We build websites with that goal in mind.


We can

  • Improve SEO ranking

  • Design Logo

  • Portal /Application developments

  • Hosting 

  • SSL certificate

  • Business Emails

  • Mobile Apps &

  • Build responsive websites; – This means the website will be able to respond to the device it is being viewed upon. As in recent times website traffic is increasingly shifting to mobile devices. We build all websites with a content management system, so that our clients can update their website without having to spend money on future amendments.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services and how we can help you and your business. Click here to get a quote.

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