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HumidLinks Network Group (HNG)

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Dear Friend,

Are you Unemployed? Have you experienced business failure in the past? Are you afraid of starting a business because of the fear of failure? Do you think failure is a sign of defeat? Are there individuals who failed and still went on to succeed?

I am writing this article while working currently on a networking service contract with the AmoByng Group which consist of various integrated companies in the Poultry/Agriculture Industry, from hatchery, eggs, feeds, medical services and broiler processing. A proudly Nigerian group, creating over 1500 jobs and contributing to the Nigerian Economy for over 25years.

One thing comes to mind, how did they sustain and maintain such value after 25+ years in business?

The GMD replies and says you have to be flexible in business – “No need doing the same thing and getting the same results”. We start a business and if the strategy is not working. We change and try again and again until it works. Starting over doesn’t mean you are giving up on your dreams, you just have to think of a new strategy till you get it right!

So I am writing this article for those who think their alone when things are slow or aren’t working out; those who feel discouraged because they’ve failed. This is to let you know you aren’t alone AND ALL YOU NEED IS TO RELAUNCH YOUR NEW STRATEGY TO SUCCEED!

This then brings me to the launch of the HumidLinks Network Group (A community for aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs). A platform for people to come and gain so much hands-on knowledge from experienced entrepreneurs over Lunch or Dinner for a small token.

We honestly believe this community will enable people to express their struggles in business, to hear from people that have experienced same and succeeded at it. How they overcame various business related challenges.

These guest speakers honouring our invitation are experts in their fields with passion to encourage and mentor aspiring and upcoming people in business.

Please take advantage of these opportunities and join the HumidLinks Network Group (HNG).

Our mailing address is:

HumidLinks, 2nd Floor CITN House, Plot 16, Jobi Fele Way, CBD Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

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