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4 questions to answer before buying a PC.

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Acquiring a new PC is a very important decision which requires some form of advice or counsel from trusted and experienced PC experts. A new PC comes with a lot of financial implications and hence the need to always get it right is quite important. In four simple ways this post will guide and help you decide on the best PC to acquire.


.Why do you need a PC? Here we talk about usability and why you need one. It is quite important to consider what you would be using the PC for, in term soft tasks and functions the PC would be performing on a daily or weekly basis. If you would be using the computer for browsing and surfing the web, then a mini hp or a Chromebook by Google would suit you. However, if you involved in hard core programming, website design, graphic design then I would recommend you get either an Apple Mac, a HP, or a Lenovo- these computers have been built to handle heavy duty activities and would serve you well.

2.What must the PC have? Now you probably have concluded you need the PC for programming or web design, the best step is to decide on the requirements for the PC. Firstly you need a PC with a backlit keyboard to assist you see your keys at night (especially when there is no power). Several PCs have backlit keyboards including the MAC Pro. The next thing to consider is the Operating System (OS) the computer is run on, it could be Linux,OSX or Windows, but from research both Linux and OSX have been greatly recommended for development .

Another really important thing to consider is the screen size, this usually determines on your preference. I personally like large screens while some people find it distracting. You should also bear in mind that a large screen automatically means a large laptop and a large laptop would be heavy.

I would however recommend a 12-14 inch with a good resolution of 1600×900 or 1920×1080 pixels. In terms of weight, to save your back or shoulders from pains, your PC should weight less than 2kg, a weight of 1-1.5kg is highly recommended as you would move your laptop around, you definitely will. As for the RAM- get an 8GB at least .SSD is for storage so you must get the best. A minimum of 128GB. Processor- an intel 4th gen i7 is highly recommended.

3.How much do you have? This brings us to our next consideration of price. It is quite important to have a budget for your new gadget spend. It allows you invest in your new toy wisely and also get value for money. For example you can set a budget of between $600-$1000 for your PC and discipline yourself not to go overboard. You can get a really good brand such as Lenovo which would serve you really well. However in any case if the computer that suits your needs might require a few hundreds say maybe a MAC which about $1,400 or more- then a budget upgrade won’t be such a bad idea. Just as long as you get what you need.

4.Where to buy from? You definitely want to buy your latest toy from a trusted and reliable tech shop and that would be Humidlinks. We are Gold Partners with Lenovo and Microsoft. Also at Humidlinks, our consultant will take out time to understand your needs before recommending a PC to you. We have your best interest at heart and am fully into the business of satisfying you. From our free consultation, to working with your budget and offering you the best bargain. We don’t stop there, we ensure after after a few weeks you purchased your new buy that you are enjoying your computer. And in any case where you are in need of a new computer skill such as Microsoft Excel, we deliver exceptionally training seminars to hone who with a new skill.

Happy PC Shopping with Humidlinks.

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